“I can’t believe it”, he said as he looked at the envelope in his hand. Tears rolled down his cheek, as he stared into the face of his new employer holding his hand out.

“Congratulations”, his boss said, “you’ve got the job.”

He shook his hand and wondered how it had happened. He had messed up the interview so bad that there was no chance of him getting the job, especially with all the competition that was against him.

The witch’s words rang in his mind – “You will be the one who gets the job”

He knew her magic was the only reason he had got it. Her words always came true.

He had always been fond of magic. Even as a boy, he would save up all his money, just to watch magicians perform in different parts of the city. He loved the way they made rabbits appear out of their hats, or how they made wristwatches disappear and appear in their pockets. But most of all, he loved the way he could figure out how it was all done in a minute or two; he loved that he knew they were all illusions.

But the witch was different. He just couldn’t figure out her tricks.  He was left dumbstruck every single time when it came to her performances. He wondered how she was able to pull it all off. He had tried figuring out how she would do it; but had failed. Maybe her magic wasn’t an illusion after all.

He looked at the job offer letter in his hand again. His eyes were still tearing up. He didn’t care how she had done it this time. He just wanted to thank her.

He ran to the building where she had told him he could find her. Clenching the letter in his hand, he asked the lady behind the desk where she was. “Third floor, second door on the right” the kind lady replied.

He ran up to the third floor; didn’t want to wait for the elevator, reached her room and knocked.

An old voice from the other side of the door said, “Come in”

He entered the room and saw her, sitting on the bed.

“I got the job”, he said, still weeping.

The witch smiled. “I already know,” she said.

“How are you?” he asked, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Oh, I’m good. But look at you, you’re exhausted. Go home. I’ve prepared dinner for you; it’s in the fridge. Eat it and get some rest. My surgery isn’t till tomorrow evening”, she said.

He was left dumbstruck again. How did she manage to cook dinner in that state before getting to the hospital! He just couldn’t take it anymore. His eyes began to tear up again; he had to know…

“How do you do it Ma?” he asked.

The witch smiled.

Magic,” she whispered.



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