What anyone would’ve done…

“I only did what anyone else would’ve done”, he said, trying not to look into their eyes directly, “it is not fair that you make a big deal about it”.

The crowd surrounded him. “Tell us what happened”, they demanded.

“This is so strange, leave me alone”, he said. But they didn’t budge.

He gave up; he had to. He began to explain what had happened the previous night.

“I saw her walking on the street. It was well past midnight. Why was she out so late? She should’ve known it isn’t safe.”

The crowd went silent, listening to him attentively.

“She wore a tiny little skirt. It was obvious she was drunk by the way she staggered. I don’t think she had any idea where she was either. It looked like she’d just come out of a party. These college students & their parties. Who knows what they do there.

I’ve noticed her before. I know where she lives. She’s so pretty. But last night, she seemed so dazed. I knew she wouldn’t remember anything when she woke up this morning. I’ve seen people get this drunk many times.

It was dark and she was alone. So I did it.

I rode towards her, pulled her onto my bike by force. And brought her here; to your house, to her house”.

They stared at him in silence for a while.

“You’re a hero to us son”, the crowd, her family said,, “we’re so grateful it was you who saw her and nobody else”

The little boy looked at them, smiled and left. He walked towards his cycle and rode away, confused about why people made a big deal about what had happened.

It was what anyone would’ve done…

It was what anyone should’ve done..



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