Me: Hello. You play here often?
Her: Yeah, once or twice a week. It’s quite surprising that the boys let me play with them no?
Me: Haha, you play really well. Most of your shots actually went in.
Her: Thank you. I used to play for college. Now I come whenever I have time. It’s a little hard after my knee surgery, but I do love coming here. Everyone is so nice.
Me: Where do you stay?
Her: Tungabadra block. By the way, what’s your name?
Me: Hey, me too. Oh! I’m Nestin.
Her: You’re Catholic?
Me: Yeah. What about you?
Her: I’m a believer now. My hearts been changed and that’s all that matters.
Me: Do you want a drop home?
Her: Thank you so much. But I’ll walk home. It’s good exercise. Besides, I have to buy milk to make tea for my granddaughter.



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