Nerve Damage

“How are you not upset about it? How did you not sue the doctor?”, is the most common response when I tell people why my right eye is slightly ‘strange’. Honestly, I’ve never looked at it as a problem. I mean, my vision is fine (at least I hope it is) and I think its ridiculous when eye doctors say, “have you considered surgery? I mean..for cosmetic purposes?” HA!

I think my eye is pretty cool, especially when it scares people; and I’m grateful for it.

But something happened one night that gave me one more reason to be grateful for it.

In the month of December 2014, I was out carol singing with some really lovely people in Pune. We entered this one house where we saw a little boy, lying down on the floor, unable to move.

Obviously, we felt horrible about it, thinking about what he must have gone through.

We sang; and he sang with us, with a smile on his face. When we were done, we quietly walked out.

But somebody had to ask what had happened to him; and somebody else had the answer –

“Spinal cord damage”


The exact same way the nerves in my eye were damaged. A doctor in the surgery room made a mistake while handling the foreceps.

How am I not upset about my eye? Because it is nothing compared to what so many others go through.

“Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.” – Luke 14:27

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