Let love rule, let go of fear

“To be really honest: I don’t know a thing about politics. I don’t talk about it in small circles . I’ve mostly just perused and scrolled the internet for most of this election.

I know some people are celebrating with the outcome of the USA presidential elections. Some of you are confused. Some of you are absolutely heartbroken and fearful.

Some of you aren’t living in America so it touches you or it doesn’t. Either way, I am not here to write about politics. I cannot and will not criticize things I can’t understand.

And recently with the Modi sensation hitting over drive,  my main concern has been that I’m left with 70 bucks which has trickled down to Rs 30 and while I was walking down the streets to work today , I looked around to people lying in the footpath disheveled, tattered, dirt all over their face and clothes and winced  and tried to pretend it was the  kind of a thing I could forget.

A sudden wave of feeling overwhelmed and  somber hit me, at all the people around me who don’t even have five coins to their name and here I am merely inconvenienced for a day or two.

They live this way every single day

It’s in these moments, where I know a good amount of people are hurting, are broken that I feel too small. I feel like my actions can’t make a difference. But I felt like God present this morning, reminding me, If all you do today is remind people of love then that’s a victory.

Like I said I don’t know politics but I know love though. I know that love is a conqueror. Love runs deep and wide.

 And I know the internet  is full of a lot of fear today. The world is full of fear; broken and hurting.

 So the reminder is small but the heart behind it is big: Fear doesn’t win. No matter who wins an election, fear does not win. Fear doesn’t get to own you or call the shots. Fear isn’t the winner today. Love must be bigger than fear. We must make it so. Don’t lose hope. We must decide  which we want to breathe in today, love or fear.

Stop feeling defeated.No one is giving up today. No one is being left behind today

 If I know anything about humans, it is that we believe in solidarity, peace, comfort and strength.  Use what you’ve got inside of you to spread the love today. You’re needed today. You are not abandoned, forgotten or alone.  You’re not an afterthought. You are being prayed for. Remember that. Remember that when it feels like the world has stopped turning or the news doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes kindness can be so easily misconstrued and be  boiled down to a basic concept. Sometimes the two word can sound so bland with its overuse “be kind”.

Today I am reminded of the ultimate truth: kindness is not surface level.

Kindness must run deeper. We must push harder to be kind. Kindness not an easy concept, it’s a lifelong battle that demands we take it seriously.

And especially today, someone needs you.

We’ve all been stuck to the media for the last few weeks, technically every day but more so these last few days. Now we know the outcome. Now it is time to reach out. Now it is time to get busy. Just as my friend, The Potter’s Clay keeps implying and reminding me , “less words, more work.”

Less words of hate. Less words of destruction. Less words of fear. More work. More work. More work.

Someone needs you today Someone needs what you alone have to offer. Someone woke up today on this 11th day of November needing you. Don’t get carried away and miss that.. “

– The Pearlfriend

“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:3,4 ESV

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