I see her, getting ready for the battle. I see how angry she is. I see her look into my eyes, trying to anticipate my moves, but she has no idea what she has gotten herself into. I take a step towards her…

…and she does the same.

Her eyes are fiery. Her weapons, sharp. Her stance, like that of a true warrior. She’s been practicing, I can tell. She’s been here before; and she’s been beaten before. But she won’t give up that fast. She has no clue about the mistake she’s made by coming here – into my lands, my home. I take a step towards her…

…and she does the same.

I have the advantage here. I know this place better than she does. I know how things work around here. She’s just as large as I am, probably just as skilled too. She could be stronger, even. But I know she can’t take me down; I hope she can’t take me down.

She stares back at me now, preparing to attack. I’m going to win this. I know this place inside out. In the light of day or in the darkness of night, I am a better warrior in my homeland. The trespasser will pay. I take a step towards her…

…and she does the same.

We’ve wasted enough time here. We both know what needs to happen now. One of us will live, the other will die. She stares at me, stares through my soul – trying to read me, trying to get into my mind. We’re so close now, I can almost smell her fear.

I jump to attack…

…and she does the same.

“What’s that noise?”

“Nothing Maa! The cat is fighting her own reflection again”



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