“This is a hopeless case”, the teachers say, “this boy writes most letters and numbers upside down. He cannot make out the difference between them. I’m sorry, admitting into this school would be a mistake.”

Up in the Heavens, God smiles. He knows He hasn’t made a mistake.

“Please”, his mother says, “I promise you, by the end of the year, he will learn.”

For the next six years, he is one of the toppers is in his class.


“I’m sorry Ma’am”, the principal says, “the admission rounds are over. I understand you just moved to this city, but we cannot admit your son into this school. We cannot admit any more children. You came too late.”

Up in the Heavens, God smiles. He knows He is never late.

Another admission round takes place, specially for the few children who applied late, and he gets a seat in the school.


“We cannot admit your son into this school for 11th and 12th due to disciplinary reasons. There have been some horrifying comments he has made about the ex-principal on an online forum and we will not tolerate such behavior”, the new principal says.

Up in the Heavens, God smiles. He knows He can turn a mess into a message.

Two years later, he is awarded the ‘Best Outgoing Student’ award from the college he gets into; and the chief guest for the ceremony is the principal of the school that denied him admission.


“These marks aren’t right Ma”, he says, “look, there’s been an error in correcting them. I should get at least 10 more marks in this paper. Even my teachers agree. That’ll help me get an admission in a really good college”

But they refuse to change his marks. He chooses a college seat according to his grade.

A week later, they tell him that the seat he chose doesn’t even exist. The administration messed up.

Up in the heavens, God smiles. He knows He hasn’t messed up.

He is offered a much better seat in a better college; one he wouldn’t have got even if he was awarded the marks he deserved.


The list of candidates selected for the final round of interview for a job in the last company that’s come to hire students on campus is out. His name is not on it.

“This was my last option. Now what?”, he thinks to himself.

Up in the heavens, God smiles. He knows His thoughts and His ways are higher.

He gets a call from the company the next day saying he’s already been selected for the job.


This should be fun…

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future” – Jeremiah 29:11

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