Anyone who knows me knows I cannot survive in the city without GPS and maps. Whether it’s a place I’ve been to fifty times or just five minutes from my house, I’m heavily dependent on online maps.

My sense of direction is truly awful. A chat with any of my friends who have been with me on my bike or in the car will quickly prove this. They’ve often tried to explain directions to me, and I’ve patiently listened to everything they’ve had to say, only to ignore it all and follow my maps.

One of the reasons I rely so heavily on online maps is the feature that shows us the quickest way to get to our destination in real time.  It gives me other options as well, such as the shortest path, but not necessarily the quickest, and other alternative paths, in case I leave my primary path for some reason.

In the past,  I thought this feature was unnecessary. Recently however, I’ve realized how important it is, considering the number of times I’ve left the quickest path – when I’ve trusted my own wisdom by taking the shortest route the map shows me – believing that my riding skills would take me to my destination faster, although knowing Bangalore traffic, this is next to impossible.

The feature has been surprisingly helpful when I’ve tried to follow the map, but have unknowingly gone off the quickest route by following other vehicles on the road or simply by being distracted.

It’s this feature of online maps that seems like it’s almost speaking to me, gently calling me a fool and saying, “Look, I am showing you three ways to get to your destination. I am also showing you the quickest way, as well as how much longer any of the other routes take. Please, trust me. Take the route I’m suggesting. Go this way…..

….but if you accidentally or intentionally happen to lose your way or follow the traffic onto a route that’s not yours, then here’s another route for you to take. It will take you to your destination, but you will be delayed.”

Isn’t that awesome?

Do you want to know what’s even better than that?

Your Heavenly Father wants to guide you the same way. He tells you, “My child, here is the way. It is the best way. It may not be the shortest one, but trust Me, it is the one that’s best for you. Please, do not rely on your own wisdom. Take the path I am calling you to.

Do not follow the world once you are on it, for many will stray from it, and you will be tempted to follow them. Stick to the path I have set for you.

Yet, if in your weakness you do go off track, here – I am redirecting your steps to Me, to your destiny. Get back on it. Come.”

He gently calls out to you. He knows you’re going to make mistakes along the way. But in His mercy, He forgives you.

Remember, no place is too far for Him to redirect you back onto the right path.

But here’s the thing – the more you go off the path, the more delayed you’ll be…

…and you’re running out of time.


“Show me the path where I should walk, O LORD; point out the right road for me to follow” – Psalm 25:4

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