It’s been around a year since I last met people from college. After graduation, everyone  got busy with their jobs and studies, that plans to meet up became quite rare.

So you can only imagine my joy and surprise when Nikhil Reddy called, saying it’s been a while and that he would love to meet up.
And so, I decided to make a dinner plan. I texted whoever I thought would be free. Somebody suggested meeting in Indiranagar, and no one really objected to it, so that’s where we decided to meet.

The only question now was where in Indiranagar. The one place I’m quite familiar with is Glen’s Bake House and so, I texted everyone –

“Glen’s Bake House?”

The replies came soon enough.


“< thumbs up emoticon >”



Only Nikhil Reddy’s reply was not so enthusiastic. Maybe the place I suggested didn’t have food that was spicy enough for him, or maybe he just isn’t a fan, I don’t really know.

“Soumya Indian Style .. rice batting beda? Meals and chicken fry?” was the reply.

As comfortable I am with Glen’s, the idea of chicken fry spoke to my heart. I wasn’t eating lunch that day and the thought of some fried kababs made my mouth water. Eating at Soumya Indian Style sounded like a good idea.

“Let me check with the others”,I said.

So I texted one of the others asking her if she’d want to have meals and chicken fry at Soumya Indian Style instead.

“In Indiranagar? I don’t mind. Sounds better.”

The decision was made. Meals and chicken fry at Soumya Indian Style; or atleast I hoped the decision was made. I hoped that no one would really have a problem with it. I knew I had to let everyone know that we’re going to meet there and just keep my fingers crossed, hoping no one will say, “no, that’s not what I want.”

So I began to type out the text, telling everyone where we were meeting and at what time. The only problem was I didn’t know where Soumya Indian Style was in Indiranagar. Apparently, nobody did.

I looked on Google maps and I couldn’t find it either.

So I texted the one person who knew, the one who had suggested going there in the first place.

I texted Nikhil – “Soumya Indian Style it is. Where is it?”

And then came the quick reply –

“Lol. Sorry, autocorrect. I meant ‘some'”



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