Pizzas and strange tastes

After a whole year of constant teasing and nagging, the men of the Glorious Choir finally achieved the impossible – we got Joby and Allan to treat us to dinner. As soon as they relented, we headed off to an all you can eat pizza place, known for its delectable pizzas.

Twelve boys and forty-five pizzas may not make any sense, but it was worth it.

Towards the end of our feasting, Joel, who had said he’d be late, walked in. It was almost closing time and his was the last order before the kitchens closed. He flipped through the menu quickly and chose.

Ten minutes later, his pizzas began arriving one at a time.

“Sir, three cheese pizza”, said one waiter.

“Bacon and prawns, Sir”, said another.

“Sir, pepperoni”

“Sir, Caesar’s salad pizza”

“Barbeque chicken pizza, Sir?”

“Sir, chocolate banana pizza”

Everyone froze!

“Whoa, hold on a minute. You ordered a pizza with chocolate and bananas?” one of us said, looking at him with disgust.

“Bro, trust me, it’s delicious”, said Joel.

We laughed, ridiculing his strange tastes.

When the pizza actually came, we laughed even more. It looked hilarious. Just some chocolate sauce spread across the base with four slices of banana placed on top – it was so strange.

“What’s wrong with you, man?” someone asked, still laughing.

Joel just sat there, smiling, the pizza in front of him- “How about you try a slice?”

Immanuel, who was right next to Joel, took a piece, and very reluctantly, took a tiny bite. His eyes closed, and as he chewed, a smile slowly spread across his face. He leaned back in his chair and heaved a deep sigh. His face said it all: Divine!

We jumped up, every last one of us, rushing towards the chocolate-banana pizza trying to get a bite. The laughter stopped; it was serious now, the need to grab a piece before it ran out outweighing friendships. Scratching and pushing each other, some of us were fortunate to get a bite of what I can only describe as pure bliss. The others watched as we ate and lost ourselves in the deliciousness of that little bite we managed to get.

“One more chocolate – banana pizza”, one of us screamed, looking at the waiter.

“For me too”

“Make that three”

“But sir, the kitchen is closed.”

“Please! Only one?? Can’t anything be done?”

“No sir, we’re sorry”

Joel smiled at us with a benign ‘I told you so’ expression, and finished his meal.

We were so wrong about the chocolate-banana pizza. We had laughed, so unnecessarily, and had judged because it sounded strange. We thought Joel was stupid to order it. We laughed at how silly it looked. We judged preemptively, even though we’d never tasted it before. But now that we had, we realised how good it was, and we wanted more. We laughed at something we didn’t understand, and at someone who did, but now we were the ones who wanted it.


It was simple.

We had tasted, and had seen that it was good.

Psalm 34:8

‘Philip found Nathaneal and told him, “We have found the One Moses wrote about in the Law, the One whom the prophets foretold – Jesus of Nazereth, the son of Joseph.”

Can anything good come from Nazereth?” Nathaneal asked.

Come and see“, said Philip’

 – John 1:45-46



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