Why I love Google maps

Why I love Google maps

Anyone who knows me knows I cannot survive in the city without GPS and maps. Whether it’s a place I’ve been to fifty times or just five minutes from my house, I’m heavily dependent on online maps.

My sense of direction is truly awful. A chat with any of my friends who have been with me on my bike or in the car will quickly prove this. They’ve often tried to explain directions to me, and I’ve patiently listened to everything they’ve had to say, only to ignore it all and follow my maps.

One of the reasons I rely so heavily on online maps is the feature that shows us the quickest way to get to our destination in real time.  It gives me other options as well, such as the shortest path, but not necessarily the quickest, and other alternative paths, in case I leave my primary path for some reason.

In the past,  I thought this feature was unnecessary. Recently however, I’ve realized how important it is, considering the number of times I’ve left the quickest path – when I’ve trusted my own wisdom by taking the shortest route the map shows me – believing that my riding skills would take me to my destination faster, although knowing Bangalore traffic, this is next to impossible.

The feature has been surprisingly helpful when I’ve tried to follow the map, but have unknowingly gone off the quickest route by following other vehicles on the road or simply by being distracted.

It’s this feature of online maps that seems like it’s almost speaking to me, gently calling me a fool and saying, “Look, I am showing you three ways to get to your destination. I am also showing you the quickest way, as well as how much longer any of the other routes take. Please, trust me. Take the route I’m suggesting. Go this way…..

….but if you accidentally or intentionally happen to lose your way or follow the traffic onto a route that’s not yours, then here’s another route for you to take. It will take you to your destination, but you will be delayed.”

Isn’t that awesome?

Do you want to know what’s even better than that?

Your Heavenly Father wants to guide you the same way. He tells you, “My child, here is the way. It is the best way. It may not be the shortest one, but trust Me, it is the one that’s best for you. Please, do not rely on your own wisdom. Take the path I am calling you to.

Do not follow the world once you are on it, for many will stray from it, and you will be tempted to follow them. Stick to the path I have set for you.

Yet, if in your weakness you do go off track, here – I am redirecting your steps to Me, to your destiny. Get back on it. Come.”

He gently calls out to you. He knows you’re going to make mistakes along the way. But in His mercy, He forgives you.

Remember, no place is too far for Him to redirect you back onto the right path.

But here’s the thing – the more you go off the path, the more delayed you’ll be…

…and you’re running out of time.


“Show me the path where I should walk, O LORD; point out the right road for me to follow” – Psalm 25:4

Delays are not denials – In memory of Molly Zachariah

Delays are not denials – In memory of Molly Zachariah

Awe & Wonder

“Is there any prayer that is not answered – sooner or later, directly or indirectly? I think there is nothing called an unanswered prayer and I am speaking from experience. But first- let us see what the Bible says about this.

In the story of the raising of Lazarus in the Bible (St. John 11), the prayer of Martha and Mary to save their dying brother seems to have been ignored by Jesus even though he was known to be a close friend of their family. He remained where he was when the desperate call for help came to him!

What a seemingly cruel gesture on the part of Jesus who was known for his compassion! How the sisters’ faith in him must have been shaken. Even they, in spite of their close relationship with Jesus must have questioned the efficacy of prayer.

But the story of Lazarus goes on…

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Awe & Wonder

“The Bible doesn’t set different standards of purity for men and women. It’s society that does. If you’re a woman who struggles with lust, know that you weren’t born with a manufacturing defect. You’re only as much in need of the Blood of Christ as a brother who struggles with the same issue.

Maybe something that happened in your childhood awakened your sexuality way before its time, maybe you’ve suffered abuse – all the devil has done is pervert and distort a natural need inside you. He stole something that Jesus intended to be a beautiful, whole experience and turned it into your worst nightmare – these experiences weren’t meant to be accompanied by shame, guilt or regret. So if there is anyone you should get mad at, its the Enemy. Not yourself, not whoever else you have been blaming.

You aren’t any dirtier than the sinner next to you…

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The much awaited concert

The much awaited concert

Awe & Wonder

Two minutes to show time.

The musician prepared himself. Cradling his guitar, he checked its tuning again. The instrument was ready, the stage, set; the songs, memorised. He closed his eyes in preparation.

One minute to show time.

His thoughts wandered; how he had made it this far, the struggles faced, the hours of practice. He’d finally made it – made it to where he always belonged, the stage.

This wasn’t his first time, he’d performed at numerous shows before. Yet every show had been different – every show was unique. It wasn’t only the songs he sang, the whole atmosphere of every concert was always different – and he loved it, every single time. He loved the stage – he loved that stage.


The curtains opened. He looked at the audience – his audience. Oh, how he loved them. They were great, they knew how to keep a…

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I love the thrill…

“I love the thrill that I feel when I get together with God’s wonderful people

Love the thrill that I feel when I get together with God’s wonderful people

What a sight just to see all the happy faces

Praising God in the Heavenly places

Love the thrill that I feel when I get together with God’s wonderful people”

It’s quite amazing how many times we can sing a song before actually understanding what it really means. The above words, for example, is part of a song I have sung in church Sunday after Sunday for at least seven years, and yet, there have hardly ever been moments where I’ve actually felt the thrill, far from loving it.

I loved singing, and I probably loved the people as well. But feeling the thrill? Loving the thrill? Didn’t even know what that meant…

…until today.

I had a meeting with a client, the head of an architecture firm, to whom I had to present our company’s BIM services.

As I sat outside, there was someone else, a representative from another company, presenting their services to the client. I realized I had some time to kill, so I took out The Explicit Gospel, by Matt Chandler, and started reading it. I also took a moment to pray that the Holy Spirit would lead me with the right words to say and connect with the client.

And suddenly, I heard the words sin and Jesus being spoken from inside. I had no idea what was going on, but in an instance, I had goosebumps. Immediately, I stood up, smiled at Heaven and found myself questioning God on how He can be so awesome.

When it was my turn to present, I walked in and told her I couldn’t help but overhear her conversation. She was so delighted and as I sat there, she shared the Gospel with me. It turns out, she had been sharing the Good News with every person who walked through the door to her office.

And that’s when I felt it – thrill.

There was no singing, no music and no fancy sermon by a preacher. It was simply a humble woman – one of God’s wonderful people – telling me what Jesus has done.

I felt it; I felt the thrill – and I loved it.

It didn’t really matter how I presented after that. All I knew and needed to know was that God was in control in that moment – and the thrill that came with it.

“Fellowship is not when two saints get together. Fellowship is when two saints get together and talk about Jesus” – Paul Washer


Broken to bear fruit

Awe & Wonder

“The fallow field is smug, contented, protected from the shock of the plow and the agitation of the harrow. Such a field, as it lies year after year, becomes a familiar landmark to the crow and the blue jay. Had it intelligence, it might take a lot of satisfaction in its reputation: it has stability; nature has adopted it; it can be counted upon to remain always the same, while the fields around it change from brown to green and back to brown again. Safe and undisturbed, it sprawls lazily in the sunshine, the picture of sleepy contentment.

But it is paying a terrible price for its tranquility; never does it feel the motions of mounting life, nor see the wonders of bursting seed, nor the beauty of ripening grain. Fruit it can never know, because it is afraid of the plow and the harrow.

In direct opposite to this…

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A different viewpoint of ‘nothing is impossible with God’…

A different viewpoint of ‘nothing is impossible with God’…

A message from the Christmas season at Glorious

Awe & Wonder

Out of the many messages that were spoken this season, one of the verses that really hit was Luke 1:37 – “Nothing is impossible with God”

Let me say it again – “NOTHING is impossible with God.”

Now I know you’re going to look at that and go, “Alright man, I’ve heard this one before. I even have it written as a quote on a t-shirt.”

But stay with me on this, as I say it again – “NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with God”

You see what the text says? It tells you God can do all things (duh), but here’s another way of looking at it – with God, ‘nothing’‘zero’, or ‘no result’ is not possible.

Let that sink in. Let it truly hit you in the heart that when you pray, when you cry out to Him, He always hears and He always, 

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